About Sarahfest

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Music festivals have a hallowed place in the annals of Women’s Liberation. This shouldn’t come as a surprise; women’s liberationists understood how interrelated culture and politics are, how what possibilities we can imagine and rights we can claim are connected to the stories we tell and the images we see.  

The spirit of Sarahfest is part of that legacy and its genesis is located in the vision and creativity of former gender studies minors and faculty who worked together to create their own music festival almost two decades ago. With the help of former director Deborah Barker, Kirsten Dellinger, and Annette Trefzer, the Center’s visionary students organized a benefit concert at a restaurant on the square called Two Stick. Local business in the community came on board to support the students by donating door prizes and Two Stick donated the space. These former gender studies students did something amazing that night. By working together, with faculty, and local business they constructed a bridge between the university and larger Oxford community.  They made magic and music.

Four years ago the Center reignited that creative, community flame. As its new torchbearers we get to carry that spirit forward. Our task is to build upon that legacy, to build community, and we invite you to keep imagining right along with us.  

We strengthen community when we celebrate and embrace its diversity in all its variations. Twining the arts and education enables us to create dynamic spaces for change, where we can envision new realities that reflect a better more equitable world for all.